Auditioning at Anchorage Community Theatre

At ACT we have an open audition policy - that means anyone can audition for any show. We are a community theatre which means we are looking for people who are interested in learning and improving. We want to put new people onstage. If you have never auditioned for a play before then you came the right place. Join our email list to stay up to date on auditions!

And In This Corner: Cassius Clay

The Play
And in This Corner: Cassius Clay is a bold and refreshing look at the early years of Muhammad Ali’s life. This play reminds us of the America that Ali grew up in, how it shaped him and how he shaped it. And In This Corner promises to be an insightful and thought-provoking play for the entire family.

The Cast
Muhammad Ali
Young Cassius (10-13)
Young Eddie (10-13)
Young Rudy (10-13)
Teenage Cassius (14-17)
Teenage Eddie (14-17)
Teenage Rudy (14-17)
Cassius (20-25)
Eddie (20-25)
Rudy (20-25)
Joe Martin (Police Officer, Cassius's Trainer)
Cassius Clay Sr.  (Cassius Clay's Father)
Odessa (Cassius Clay's Mother)
Corky (Neighborhood Bully)
Zbihgniew Pietrzykowski (Polish Olympic Boxer)
Ringside Announcer
Dinner Waitress
School Children

The Details
Director: Matt Fernandez
Audition Dates:  Friday, February 16 at 6pm; Saturday and Sunday, February 17 & 18 at 1:00pm
Rehearsals: March and April
Show Dates: April 20 - May 13

Auditioning FAQ's

What is an audition at ACT like?

At ACT we do what is called a cold read. A cold read means that you'll be given a small section of the script (a side) and the director will then ask you to read from that script with another actor who is auditioning. You do not need to do anything to prepare for a cold read, but if you would like to read the script ahead of time you can check one out from the ACT office. A $20 deposit is required, but will be returned to you when the script is returned.

Will I get cast?

Maybe! If you don't get cast after your first audition, don't worry! Give us a call and the director will give you feedback to help improve your next audition. If you want to learn more then check out some of our classes.

When are auditions?

Generally, auditions happen 9 - 10 weeks before the show opens, allowing for around 5 weeks of rehearsal time and 3 - 4 weeks of performances.