PERFORM at Anchorage Community Theatre

ACT typically has five shows in a mainstage season, which starts in the fall and ends in the spring. We need community members like you to make our shows happen! To be cast in a play, actors must first attend an audition.

At ACT we have an open audition policy — that means anyone can audition for any show. As a community theatre, we want to work with actors who are interested in learning and improving. If you have never auditioned for a play before, or if you acted in a past life, you are in the right place. Join our email list to stay up-to-date on auditions!


Our next season show is The Best Christmas Pageant Ever. Auditions took place in early October, and the cast is listed below.

The next auditions will be for The Diary of Anne Frank, directed by R. Scott Cantrell. Find more information about the show here. Auditions will take place in late November — details to be added here soon!


Congratulations to the cast of The Best Christmas Pageant Ever, directed by Stephanie Leigh! It's going to be a very merry holiday season!

Father (Bob Bradley)- Stefan Morin
Mother (Grace Bradley)- Louisa Martin
Beth Bradley- Savannah Moore
Charlie Bradley- Hunter K. Menck

Ralph Herdman- Stevie Ray Bahner
Imogene Herdman- Nayeli Crista Gonzalez
Leroy Herdman- Jackson Androski 
Claude Herdman- Franklin Morin
Ollie Herdman- Jonathan Morin
Gladys Herdman- Neve Congdon

Alice Wendleken- Faith England 
Mrs. Armstrong- Jane Henriksen Baird
Mrs. Slocum- Andrea Gardner
Mrs. Clark- Kelly L. Wilson
Mrs. Clausing- Sadie Fay Steiner
Mrs. McCarthy- Kendra Gladwill

Maxine- Bronwyn Brune
Elmer Hopkins- Malachi England 
Hobie- Sebastian Terry
David- Eddie Androski
Beverly- Drew Congdon
Firemen- Carl Bright and Joel Benson
Shirley- Harmony Manning
Juanita- Kaley Joule
Doris- Bianca Overly Bright
Reverend Hopkins- Dan Rudder

Shepherds and Baby Angels
-Jayden Nix
-Ezekiel Benson
-Lucy Benson
-Haley Moreno
-Joleigh Donahue
-Tristan Goldade
-Kai Goldade

Auditioning FAQ's

What’s an audition at ACT like?

At ACT we do what is called a cold read. That means no memorization is required! You'll be given a small section of the script (a side) and the director will ask you to read for a character by yourself or with another actor who is auditioning. Every director is different — some will give you instruction in the audition to see how you respond to direction, and some will just want to see your first instincts. The director will contact you soon after an audition if they want to offer you a role.

Can I read the script before auditions?

Reading a play before you audition for it is always a good idea — you want to make sure you like the play, and it will help you feel prepared in the audition. If you’d like to read the script ahead of time, you can check one out from the ACT office. A $20 deposit is required and will be returned to you when you bring back the script.

Will I get cast?

Maybe! If you don't get cast after your first audition, don't worry! Feel free to give us a call, and the director may be able to provide feedback to help improve your next audition. If you want to learn more, keep an eye out for upcoming classes.

When are auditions helD?

Generally, auditions happen 6 to 8 weeks before a show opens, allowing for at least 5 weeks of rehearsals.