Our Donors

As a non-profit Anchorage Community Theatre relies on the generosity of donors large and small. A huge thank you to all of our supporters, please considering making a donation today. If your name is missing from this list please let us know!

Listed are all donors for the 2017 calendar year.

Lead ($5,000 and above)


Supporting ($2,500 to $4,999)

Anonymous (1)

Ingenue ($1,000 - $2,499)

William Cotton
Drs. Michael and Laurie Bleicher
David Fritz
Brian, Pamela, Anda, and Ben Saylor

Cameo ($100 - $999)

Anonymous                                                        Linda Hartman                                    Julie Reich
Barbara Abercrombie                                     John & Mona Havelock                    Barbara Rosetti
Kristi Acuff                                                           Tammy Head                                        Angela Rush
Jennifer Adleman                                            Carla Heitz                                             Karl Schaeffer
D. Ahlin-Stieren                                                 Margy Henderson                               Charles Schmann                                                                  
Terry Allard                                                         Sonia Henrick                                       Krista M. Schwarting & David Dempsey
Sara Athans & Rachel Graham                    Jay Hermanson                                   Sherry Shiesl
Marilyn Barnett                                                 Mary Hilcoske                                       Nicki Shinners
Alex Beaudreault                                              Christine Hopkins                               Karen Skoglund
Jeanne Bonar                                                    Lianne Hopper                                    Patricia Skoglund
Carl Bright & Missy Overly                             Stephanie Kaufmann Cook            Holly Slinkard
Robert Burgess                                                 Bruce Kelly                                           Ayden Smith
Hildie Cain                                                          Denise Knapp                                      Christine & Larry Smith
Linda Cameron                                                 Jana Lage                                             Niel Smith
Carrie Carson                                                     Kelly Laipenieks                                 Tracy Smith
Douglas Causey & Kristine DeSmith         K. Lane                                                    Karen Sobolesky                                                                                            
Jan Cawvey                                                        Sherrie Laurie                                      Mark & Ruth St. Amour
Katherine Clawson                                          Amber Lee                                             Rosie Stauffer & Aaron Teague
Debra Coffman                                                 Monica Lettner                                     Debbie Steen
Charles & Lucy Conner                                  Kimberly Lloyd                                     Laurie Stoner
Betty Cronin                                                      Mardella Lower                                    Audrey Susman
Gretchen Cuddy                                                Ralph & Tina Lynch                           Tamie Taylor
Patricia Curl                                                        Michelle Malerich                               Jennifer Thompson
Sheila Curran                                                     Erin McKay                                            Lisa Tibbets
AnnaLisa Delozier                                            Cathleen McLaughlin                    Peggy Tipton
Susan DiMaggio                                                Jennifer Meyhoff                                Diane Toebe
Elle Ede                                                                Leola Monfrey                                      Anneleise Tremont
Sheila Edward                                                   PJ Monroe                                              Michael Tullius
BJ Ellis                                                                 Rebecca More                                       Ann Vatour
Jane Erkmann                                                  Kimberly Morris                                   Julie Vincek
Myrna Everhart                                                 Diane Mucha                                         Charlene Walker
Kathy Fernandez                                             Lou Nathanson                                    Mery Welker
Vincent Fernandez                                          Michael Noble                                      Judy Whitcomb
Cheryl Frasca                                                     Russell Nogg                                        Cathy White
Angela Gerken                                                   Bobbi Olson                                         Carla Wight
Michelle Girault                                                Dana Orr                                                 Paul Wilcox
Dora Gomez                                                       Lou Ann Page                                       Anna WIlks
Cory Graham                                                     Dixie Parker                                           Cristy Willer
Carrie Gray                                                         Tom Parker                                            Kimberly Williams
Coleen Greenshields                                      Mary Pate                                               Sheyna Wisdom
Amie Haakenson                                             Juanita & Paul Patterson                  Aaron Wiseman
Renee Hagen                                                     Teresa Patterson                                 Judie Wolfe
Allegra Hamer & Steve Johnson                Diane Peterson                                    Lynette Wood
Leslie Hammer                                                 Joanne Phelan                                    Michael Zoske
Sharbon Harbuck                                            Joanne Phillips-Nutter
Grace Harrington                                             Marilyn Porter
Lee Harrington                                                  Barbara Rawalt


Walk-On ($25 - $99)

Brady Adair                                                        Farrah Green-Palmer                         Nancy Pearson
Katharine Adams                                             William Harbour                                 Samuel Raine
Paul Adelman                                                   Lesley Harrison                                    Ellen Ranlett
Lynn Barber                                                       Jennifer Hinrichs                                Kurt Rein
Brenda Bergsrud                                             June Jefford                                         John Rush
Spencer Biegel                                                 Patricia Johnson                                 Carol Salo
Karen Biggs                                                        Kathy Kanack                                      The Saylor Family
Diane Blas                                                          Linda Lucky                                          Trenton Schneiders
Julia Bockmon                                                 Barbro Lyon                                          Therese Schwab
Paige Bohall                                                      Robert Mandzi                                     Carol Shearer
Scarlet Boudreaux                                           Nina Mann                                            Maria Chawback
Payton Burrell                                                   Janice McDonald                               Carol Shearer
Robert Bryd                                                       Kaichen McRae                                    Rebecca Sheridan
Rochelle COnnery                                            Vivian Melde                                        Sara Smith
Vera Crews                                                         ShaeLisa Metoyer-Anderson          Skookums Sonneschein
Joan Cullinane                                                 Caryl Morgan                                        Andrea Staats
Alivia Debusk                                                     Lynn Murphy                                        Ineta & Kent Stephens
Kelly Dyer                                                            Ellen Nash                                            George Stransky
David Eaton                                                       Jill & Joel Neimeyer                          Suzanne Taylor
Jim & Jill Everett                                              Iris Palmer                                             Shelaine Thompson
Roger Fuson                                                       Juanita & Paul Patterson                John West
Julia Garrigues                                                                                                                    Christie & Jeff Wilcheck
Ursula Gould                                                                                                                       AnnaKate Williams                                   

Understudy $1 - $24

Crystel Anderson                                             Melissa Harvey                                   Kathleen Redmond
Eric Barnhill                                                       Aileen Holthaus                                 Lisa Rogers
Julian Bertmaring                                           Maureen Klump                                 Shawn Self II
Dean Brady                                                        Margaret Kugel                                  Clint & Debbie Seyer
Liesel Brooks                                                    Kimberly Le Clair                               Abigail  Slater
Wendy Cashman                                             David Lundeby                                   Doris & SE Thomas
Shalini Coons                                                   Donna Madison                                  Deborah Vandruff
Linda Cooper                                                   Christina Markiewicz                         Genevieve Vholubik
Samuel Cunningham                                    Marian McLaughlin                            Linda & Gordan Wetzel
Jed Dixon                                                           Susan Means
Beverly Dubie                                                   Bjorn Miller
Nancy Felton                                                    Karen Mushat
Emily Glascock                                                Matthew Peter
Ann Gray                                                            Tonya Pool
Denise Greger                                                  Peter Porco