The Night Of

Arrival, Parking, Eating


Arrive on time. In the theatre on time means early. Pay for reserved tickets at least a day in advance to guarantee a seat, otherwise we'll keep it as long as we can but it will go to wait listed patrons 15 minutes before the designated performance time (want to pay by check or cash? that's fine! just let us know and try to arrive 30 minutes before performance time so we know we're not being stood up). If you've purchased tickets and haven't arrived by performance time we may release your seats to wait listed patrons. No refunds will be issued in this scenario. Here's the gist: pay in advance, arrive early.


Another reason to arrive early? Parking. We have limited parking at ACT because of our location, as always you can park in our small lot or on the street - just make sure you're not blocking the driveway of one of our neighbors, many of them operate in the evenings and on weekends. We have only a few spots in our parking lot, so if you can, please leave them for our older or less mobile guests.

Now for the good news. You can now park in the lot across the street (next to the Subway building) but there are some rules

  1. Do NOT park up against that building. Find a spot in the middle or back of the parking lot
  2. Please make sure, if you're parked on the street, that you are not blocking access to their side driveway and maintenance shop

Worried that you parked in the wrong spot? Just ask! Our staff know where you can and can't park so when you come check in with your tickets do a double check. Thanks for helping us be good neighbors!


We have a small concessions booth at the theatre where we sell snacks and drinks. We don't currently sell alcohol. If you're looking for a good place to snack before the show check out Suite 100 or Mexico in Alaska, they're both less than 5 minutes from the theatre (and delicious).